Ben & Jerry’s Combined Ice Cream With Tacos for 4/20

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People not observing the holiday can still scarf one down. Photo: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s has a habit of celebrating 4/20 by releasing a treat primed to take full advantage of … let’s call it the particulars of this national holiday. Last year’s frozen novelty was the Burrr-ito, a very large ice-cream burrito. This year, it’s still not a Peach and Chong flavor (though, it’d be hard to go wrong with that one). Instead, it’s something stoners will probably appreciate on 4/20 even more — a Chill-aco.

The Chill-aco essentially goes full Taco Bell, a popular 4/20 dining destination. Basically, just swap the Tex-Mex-y parts of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch for two scoops of ice cream; some fudge drizzle; and a shell that’s half soft waffle cone, half crunchy waffle cone, and has a layer of caramel in between — and you’ve got yourself a bona fide late-night stoner innovation. The two scoops can be any flavor you want, but if one of them needs to be Hazed & Confused, it’d probably be wise to visit a scoop shop on the earlier side tomorrow. As usual, Chill-acos are around for a limited time, and only in Ben & Jerry’s stores.