Danny Bowien Will Headline the Next Season of Mind of a Chef

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Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/PMC

PBS’s beloved food docuseries has a new star: Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien. Mind of a Chef announced the news today with a video of Bowien at SoulCycle, of all places. Bowien doesn’t hold back — if you recall, he opened up to Grub while figuring out what to do with Mission Cantina (which has since closed):

It’s just a lot about ego and losing your ego. Why am I doing this? Who really cares? Am I making a difference? Am I not making a difference? It’s a very “small fish, big pond” situation, and I feel like our profession is still, as blown up as it’s getting, it’s still a very blue-collar profession. You’re cooking for people.

There’s no set premiere date for season six yet, but fall seems most likely.